Tasty and decorated meals

Cold appetizer is always tempting, it is sufficient to contain your favorite products. However  a special "charm" is provided via decoration, which you can use when you realize how easy it is.

For an instance, you can use almost every salami or sausage to make roses. Small, large, red, pink could look like a natural. You should play around and look for a few extra products such as olives, thinly sliced ​​trappist (or other, hard cheese), green leaves of herbs, etc.

When you prepare all necessary products we encourage you to make the base and put salty rolls, biscuits or simply leaves of thinly sliced ​​chicken breast, steak, etc. on the larger oval chunk. The next phase is more demanding. Put olives on toothpicks and wrap them around the leaves of thinly sliced ​​dry sausages, which will take the form of flower.

If you would like to play more, add a side of green herbs such as basil and the "roses" and line it up in a circle next to each other.  You should create finally a major "star" of this arrangement - a central rose. Simply cut a very thin sheet of dry pork, prosciutto, ham or roast and roll in way to look like a rose and set in the middle of the oval. Remember to pay  attention  that all products  are put  at the edge of  the oval. If you have followed the procedure, you can even challenge even the professionals.