Plan to cook greener

When you get electricity bills, you get headache, and then you start talking about ways to save more energy: to turn off lights in rooms and prepare meals in a short period of time.

If you act in accordance with a global trend of “green cooking” you are on the right way not to fear that next month your electricity bill would be high. In order to save energy, you should plan your cooking activities in advance- prepare all necessary ingredients and dishes before you start cooking.

When you run out of ideas what to prepare quickly we suggest you should try Carnex luncheon meat, satisfy in a moment your desire for meat, with no cooking or frying. You only have to slice it and the meal is ready. However if you have desire for cooked meals with the smell of grandma's kitchen, we recommend our prepared meals. It takes ten minutes to be prepared an “on menu” we have: beans with bacon or sausage, beef stew, cabbage rolls to fried meat for spaghetti.

It sound strange, besides eating quality and tasty meals, you gave your contribution to save the planet.