Both-tasty meal and perfect figure

Besides all efforts to eat healthy even during your work days when you spend a lot of time out of home, you didn’t succeed to maintain this habit more than three days because you need five meals daily- three main and two snacks, and a dinner is obligatory. Ok, five meals are not a problem, but their content is. Nutritionists advice you should eat proteins, vitamins, vegetables, etc. and fat-free products.

Now you're in trouble! It’s not easy to buy groceries, do the tasks at work, meet deadlines.

We recommend you should follow our advice: buy Carnex pate or tuna fish with vegetables. They are preservatives, color free and you can eat them even in the time of fasting. With unleavened or whole grains bread combined with oat, soy flour and salad, you have complete meal. If you are really big fan of meat, we recommend you should choose Carnex pasteurized canned meat because it contains significantly lower number of calories in comparison to other types of meat, about 150 calories per 100 grams.

When your colleagues notice your perfect figure, they would wish to join you in this healthy mission, an everything is easier and nicer when you have a company!