Smart food storage

Nowadays modern families have less time for daily purchases. We go to groceries monthly to buy more products. It is important that the original taste and quality of our products last as much as possible, which depends on the way they are stored. Tips are simple, but it is important to follow them. Concerning Carnex salami, sausages and smoked meat products which are put from bags directly into the fridge, make sure that the fridge’s temperature is set correctly. It should be around four 4° C. If the thermometer shows different temperature, set it. Even if you do everything correctly and keep the products in the original package (which is recommended), bear in mind that over time, the products will lose its freshness and original features.

How long you can relax while the food are in the fridge- please look at the list below.


Storage method





1 week

1 month

Ham cooked in one piece               

1 month    

3 -  4 months

Hot dogs in a vacuum                             

2 weeks 

1 - 2 months

Hot dogs after opening               

3 – 5 days  

1 – 2 months

Smoked sausages                  

1 week

1 – 2 months

Smoked sausages, slices         

2 – 3 weeks

1 – 2 months