Carnex Quiche-Lorraine

Mix together the finest Carnex products in quiche and enjoy the local flavors of the prepared meal in the french way. Enjoy!

Carnex Quiche-Lorraine
30 min
5 portion


• 200 g flour

• 100 g butter

• 50 g of cooking cream

• 1 egg

• salt as preferred


For filling cream:


• 100 g pork tenderloin Carnex

• 100 g pancetta Carnex

• 100 g of pepper

• 200 g Gouda cheese

• 1 dl sour cream

• 3 eggs

• a little olive oil 

First, make the dough:  you should add cold butter cut into small cubes in the flour, then cooking cream and salt. Next step is to stir well and add eggs to the mixture and continue mixing until you get a compact mixture.

When you well knead the dough, wrap it in aluminum foil and place in the fridge for half an hour.

During this time, chop the pancetta and pork tenderloin, pepper and grate the cheese. Then fry the pancetta and pork tenderloin in olive oil.

Make the dough into a circle that has a diameter slightly larger than the diameter of the pan in which you plan to bake the quiche, place it on unoiled baking tray, lift the edges and make hols with fork or knife.

When you have put all the ingredients,  over them  pour over them scrambled eggs with cooking cream. Bake the quiche for about 20 minutes at temperature 200-220 degrees until  it's nicely browned.

Enjoy your meal!