Carnex Omelet

For years we follow your steps ... You travel with us, we are honored guests of your table, and we would like to wish you a good morning with an omelet full of our smoked bacon.

Carnex Omelet
10 min
2 portion



• 6 eggs

• 100 g Carnex smoked bacon

• 100 g ham

• salt

• oil

In pan with warm oil, add the chopped onion in small piceas and fry until the onion becomes soft, then add the chopped smoked bacon and ham and fry a little. Add to that 6 eggs and a little salt, don’t mix them, but just with a little fork pierce the yolk to crawl over the pan. Leave a few minutes to get brown, then turn the omelet on the other side for a few minutes.


Omelet can be served with tomato or some other salad.


Enjoy the meal!