Tuna pate with vegetables, 75 g

Due to the freshness and rich aroma of vegetables, Carnex tuna pate is a product which presents the true harmony of flavors! Every bite of this pate contains mild flavor of tuna complemented by a mix of vegetables, adding to our palette of pate new delicious notes.

Product info
Code 70173
Barcode 86026758
Net weight 0,075 kg
Transport packaging 14 pieces / 1,05 kg
Commercial packaging 14 pieces / 1,05 kg
Storage conditions to 25°C
Shelf life 3 years
Average energy and nutritional value, per 100g
Fat 26.1g
Proteins 8.2g
Carbohydrates 0.8g
Energy value 270.9kcal / 1118.7kJ


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