Quality. Safety. Distribution.


Business imperatives of our company is the quality of the products.

Nothing is left to chance, and our company’s special attention is dedicated to quality control, which is entirely executed in all our facilities.


Yields from our fields, from planting to harvest, are controlled by our top experts . Then further we control the ingredients and recipes and as a result we obtain animal feed of high quality.

The extraordinary level of this process is a prerequisite for proper animal nutrition, but also for the best quality of raw materials used in the manufacture of Carnex products.


In all of these processes we use the latest technology , while rigorous control of safety and quality of our products we entrust only to accredited laboratories .




Specially trained experts are controlling the quality of our products. Their very conscientious approach to the production stages  are our guarantee for security and best quality of our products for the consumers.


We are continuously organizing trainings for all members of our supply chain in order to preserve the quality of our products for our consumers.


Not for a second we do not lose out of sight the quality of foods because we are pretty aware of the fact that the health of our consumers depends on us.

We have successfully implemented a HACCP system, which complies our product quality with European standards. We also introduced the GOST - R standard as a valid quality system in the Russian Federation and a prerequisite for export and sale in the Russian market.


However , this is not the end ! In the coming period we aim to working on the modernization of production facilities, innovations and investments in expanding production capacity.



Special logistics department of our company takes care of the distribution of products from the factory in Vrbas to commercial facilities.

The fleet is equipped to complement uninterrupted cooling chain, as it is one of our priority goal - delivering the goods in the shortest possible time. Our customers are the ones for who we strive to always meet their requirements.


Keeping in mind the popularity Carnex products in international markets , we provide our distribution in Montenegro , Bosnia and Macedonia , and thanks to good business relations with the companies :


Distributor and general representative for Montenegro:

"VOLI TRADE " Ltd. Podgorica

Bulevar Josipa Broza bb

Tel : +382 20445000; +382 20445002



Distributor and general representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina:

"Dukat" Ltd. Banja Luka

Njegoševa 97

Tel / fax: +387 51586850 , +387 51586838



Distributor and general representative for Macedonia :

Kačanički pat br. 254,
1000 Skopje, R. Macedonia
Tel: +389 22 ! 656 771
www. kola.com.mk