Our factory

The place where magic happens and where favorite Carnex products loved by generations are made.

The focal point of our business is the factory for production of meat and meat products. PC Carnex Meat industry invents and re-invents good taste through products loved by many generations.

It annually produces more than 18.000 tons of various meat products handled by our experienced workers and controlled by our experts, which results in high-quality final products.

Although we function as one, the factory is divided into several departments for better and more efficient organization of activities:

  • Preparation and Control
  • Primary production
  • Final production
  • Durable Department
  • Maintenance Department

Our products are subjected to extensive testing by experts, who approve their origin, freshness and safety because it is the only way to offer quality worthy of our customers. With modern equipment and proper storage conditions, we produce superior tasting food that has been on the tables of our households for many years.

With each new day, and with each new flavor, we remain faithful to you.