Animal feed factory

An important partner of our closed production cycle.

A proper cattle breeding requires a high quality diet rich in vitamins and nutritive-rich ingredients. For this reason, we own a  business center whose basic activity is animal feed production.

Our company withinPC “Proizvodnja stocne hrane” combines traditional recipes and modern techniques in order to obtain controlled animal feed with the ultimate goal of improving the quality of final products.

Our desire for high productivity is supported by the fact that the process of animal feed production is highly automated, and this PC annually produces around 50.000 tons of animal feed intended for our own farms.

The PC is also comprised of a silo with capacity of 10.000 tons, consisting of 12 cells with capacity of 500 tons and inter-cells with capacity of 700 tons.

The long tradition, continuous controlling of raw materials and technology upgrading make PC “Proizvodnja stocne hrane” an important partner in our closed circle of production.