Different types of work process in Carnex demonstrate the company's concern about the environment. Being an environmentally responsible company, Carnex has been carrying out all of its business activities in a way that does not disrupt a sound living and natural environment.

We truly believe that a healthy environment is what motivates us to contribute to raising awareness among our staff about the importance of preservation of natural resources such as water, energy, raw material, but also to raise awareness among a wider surrounding. To that end, we constantly inform the public about important environmental activities.

We have been addressing these issues for years and have succeeded to manage waste in a controlled manner in order to reduce waste generation and to recycle even more types of secondary raw materials. Besides recycling the basic types of industrial waste, packaging of pesticides and other hazardous substances, Carnex has been successfully recycling the packaging of own products placed on the market.

By building a plant for a complete treatment of wastewater from the meat industry, Carnex has given its contribution to the community and to the preservation of the Grand Backa Canal. Our daily activities in maintaining the quality of the treated water require our full commitment, and issuance of the Water rights permit, the most relevant water act, vouches for our efforts. Through controlled use of liquid manure from pig farms in irrigation and fertigation of agricultural land, nutrients and organic matter become nutritive instead of toxic.

Carnex has already embraced the concept of environment protection and it will continue to follow this path. We hope that the others will also understand its importance and that, in a very near future, we shall not be alone, but accompanied by new, quality and valuable “green” companies in this mission.


Excerpt from workbook of Carnex Meat Industries Waste Water Treatment Plant.

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