We are a responsible, socially active and environmentally-conscious company which supports the right values...

In order to fully accomplish the set goals and achieve our vision through examples of good practice, Carnex constantly advocates for the betterment of the society, community as well as the overall wellbeing of our environment.

Without intention to boast, but to proudly demonstrate our responsibility and thus stand as a role model - we give full and unselfish support to actions envisaged to: 

  • assist vulnerable group of people
  • help children
  • support sport and cultural events


Led by principles of preservation and development of living and working environment, we recycle secondary materials, responsibly treat hazardous waste and, at the same time, set a good example for youth as much as we possibly can. To that end, our Environmental Department has been passing knowledge to high school students through mandatory courses in our meat industry.

We are persistent in our intention to follow the latest environmental trends and contribute to the community in which we operate.