Quality policy. Awards.

We remain committed to having all of our products proudly and rightfully marked with the Carnex seal of quality...

In order to provide you with the best quality only, we strictly control the entire production process. Every detail is important to us, and all the ingredients delivered by our suppliers are checked by our experts.

We strongly believe that a responsible conduct is the right way towards a successful business therefore our goals include the following:

  • Maintaining safety at work
  • The introduction of international standards for continual improvement of production
  • Consistent implementation and improvement of the management of health and safety
  • Cost-effective use of natural resources
  • Efficient communication and cooperation with business partners
  • Streamlining Environmental Management System
  • Meeting legal regulations pertaining to environment and health protection

In line with international standards for animal feed production, pig breeding, production of meat and meat products, we are meeting the following standards:


The standard ISO 9001:2008 belongs to the group of standards from the ISO 9000 series and it is the most frequently implemented standard. This standard is focused on the management of processes and organization. The standard contains 250 requirements, which need to be fulfilled by an organization, out of which 136 requirements are marked with ‘must’.

All these indicators come to the basic requirements, which need to be fulfilled by an organization:

- to define needs and expectations of users and other interested parties

- to implement policy, goals and working environment required to motivate an organization in order to satisfy need and expectations of users

- to define, make and manage the system of mutually connected processes in order to implement policy and achieve goals.


HACCP system is a scientific, rational and systematic approach of determination, valuation and control of hazards-risks during production, processing, preparation and consumption of food, in order to provide food safe for consumption.

In short, HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point)  is a system, which can be used as a set of procedures for control of processes and critical points in the chain of food production, with the ultimate aim for a consumer to consume products in a state and manner, that are safe for his/her health.


GOST – R is a quality standard valid for the Russian Federation and it is a precondition to export and place production on the Russian market.

Standards are announced by the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology (GOST R) in Moscow. In order to place food products, fruit and vegetables on the Russian market without any obstacles, along with the certificate GOST – R, a set of accompanying certificates are issued about hygienic safety of products, which additionally provides safety and quality of foods meant for this market.

GOST R standard is assigned to the following products: liver pate, cajna pate, pate with vegetables, ham pate and luncheon meat for the period of one year, and the norms which determine the quality standards related to hygienic safety of the products are assigned for the period of five years for the same products.


The recognized quality of the products and business model of Carnex resulted in numerous domestic and international recognitions.

Organizing production in line with the highest standards in the food industry and our contribution to environmental protection earned us awards by the environment in which we operate and the wider community that we belong to.

Awards and recognitions:

  • Superbrands Award  in the food category, in the selection SUPERBRANDS OF SERBIA in 2013
  • Award for liver pate in the  2012 "Best from Serbia" contest
  • Carnex -  the absolute  quality champion of the Novi Sad Fair in 2012
  • Winner of the 2012 "Best from Serbia" award in the category corporate brand – consumer goods – food "
  • Charter for the contribution to the development of agriculture in Serbia- 2011
  • Gold Medal in 2010 - Piquant pate
  • Gold Medal in 2010 - Orient pate
  • Gold Medal  in 2010 - Liver pate light
  • Champion Award for Innovation – 2010
  • Recognition for an important project of solving environmental problems- 2010
  • Award for the outstanding contribution to the region's economy - RPK 2010
  • PKV, Award for significant results- 2010
  • The best from Serbia in 2010
  • The best from Serbia in 2009
  • International recognition for quality “ Golden star”
  • “Golden Mercury”
  • “Business Partner”
  • “Golden Sun”
  • “Quality Champion of the 20th century”