A brief description of our more than half a century long journey filled with flavors...

Our journey lasts for 55 years. We started as exporters for the production of bacon primarily intended for the English market; today, we are the leading company in the production of meat and meat products.

Our journey:

50's and 60's


Carnex begins to work as an exporting slaughter house for the production of bacon intended for the English market


Carnex achieves record-breaking export of products to Great Britain, Switzerland, Czechoslovakia, East Germany, Israel and Cuba


Reconstruction of the slaughter houses and purchase of modern equipment for melting fat and filling semi-durable sausages and salamis


70's and 80's


The production of pates in alu-foil is introduced


Carnex employs 1,100 employees, twice more than in the 60s


A new cold storage for deep freezing is built


Carnex starts the production of durable products for the first time; reconstruction and adaptation of the previous chicken slaughter house, in the capacity of 7,000 t of finished products per year


Investing into modern equipment is continued owing to large export of products to the USA and the USSR


The rendering plant is reconstructed and new machines are bought for the semi-cans, cans and ready meals department




Carnex begins the integration of the production process by purchasing the Vitamix feed mill in Vrbas


Completing the integration process by purchasing three pig farms in Vrbas, Bačko Dobro Polje and Savino Selo, and land for agricultural production and grain storage facilities




Carnex becomes a 20th Century Quality Champion


The first privatization of the company by an investment fund Midland Resources Holding Ltd which substantially invested, over the course of 2004, in the purchase of high-end agricultural machinery by world's most renowned manufacturers


Investments in the amount of several million euros are made for the sake of purchasing the latest equipment for primary agricultural production


The Ashmore Financial institution for Investment fund management becomes the major owner of Carnex


Building of new and reconstructing existing capacities, modernizing and extending production processes, implementation of ISO and HACCAP standards


The world famous certification agency SGS conducts the certification of the quality system in Carnex in accordance with the demands of the ISO 9001:2000 and HACCAP standards


Receipt of the GOST-R certificate, a permit for export to the Russian market, as well as the UNIDO certificate for cleaner production and a more efficient use of natural resources


Five new pate flavors were added to Carnex production range; re-launch of the PILINO program; new frankfurters were added to the range, and packaging for ready meals was redesigned


The realization of capital investment in the field of ecology has started – construction of the Effluent Plant. Carnex starts to operate within MK Group, one of the most successful agricultural companies in the region and the leading company in sugar industry, headed by president is Mr. Miodrag Kostic. The company became Carnex ltd.



The primary treatment of waste water was implemented, contributing to the protection of the Grand Backa Canal



The latest production line for packaging and sterilization of cans was released; a new facility for durable products is underway