Our story is the story of quality, responsible business conduct and a 55 year long tradition. We invest all our energy and efforts into this story on a daily basis, so as to remain consistent to the recognizable Carnex taste…

It was way back in 1958 that we started our journey towards the English market, by exporting raw materials, the most of important of which being our now recognizable homemade bacon. Now, five and a half decades later, we have reached the leading position in the production of meat and meat products in Serbia.

We are managing the entire production process of obtaining the products from five independent business centers:

  • PC Crop production with more than 4.500 ha of arable land
  • PC Silos with the capacity of 75.000 tons
  • PC Production of  animal feed with annual production of up to 50.000 tons
  • own farms for breeding pigs with the capacity of around 100.000 pigs
  • Meat industry which produces more than 100 different meat products with our quality stamp with annual production of 18.000 tons


Today we employ more than 1.000 people gathered around a common goal - to stay true to our customers and continue the tradition of good taste with responsible approach and compliance with international standards. Our mission is to remain in leading position in the region by:


  • maintaining and improving the high quality of products
  • meeting the customers’ needs
  • applying modern technological innovations
  • caring for nature with environmentally oriented production
  • improving the quality of life in the community


Nearly half a century after the foundation, we stand as a synonym for a blend of tradition and modernity, as we grow and develop along with the new trends, all the while meeting your wishes by staying true to ourselves.



A brief description of our more than half a century long journey filled with flavors...


We have set the course for Carnex, we have a clear vision for doing business, and a team of leaders whom we trust…

Quality policy. Awards.

We remain committed to having all of our products proudly and rightfully marked with the Carnex seal of quality...


We are a responsible, socially active and environmentally-conscious company which supports the right values...


The most valuable asset of the company is our team.


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