Cleaning of Wastewater of MI Carnex started

19. May 2012.

After eight months, at the beginning of September last year, works began on the construction of Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP), Meat Industry Carnex received a Decision on putting the Facility into operation.

Committee for the technical inspection of the facility, after several months of work under review of extensive documentation and the plant itself made the conclusion and approved probation work of WWTP for one year.

In the presence of representatives of all the companies that participated in this for ecology very important project, the committee had officially handed to Meat Industry Carnex Minute of the technical inspection of the facility of the WWTP.

WWTP performs cleaning of waste water made during the work of the Meat Industry and the Plant for processing of by-products of animal slaughter. Plant that can clean 2,300,000 litres of water daily, besides physical and chemical treatment has SBR reactors (sequential batch reactor) for the biological treatment of wastewater as well. In order to accelerate the process of biological water cleaning SBR reactor was  seeded with the chosen culture of saprophyte bacgteria capable to break down a wide and complex range of compounds in wastewater treatment plant under aerobic conditions. In addition to the water line installation plant has a line of sludge which, after alkaline hydrolysis in the anaerobic digester, stabilize sludge generated in the unit for floatation by dissolved air (DAF).
Monitoring of the wastewater treatment plant is done continuously through the SCADA system that visually displays all stages of water treatment and condition of all equipment. Setting all parameters is possible by the person responsible for the normal functioning of the facility,  and on-line and by suppliers of equipment and the cleaning technology from Netherlands.
Since all the processes of wastewater treatment Carnex represent the best available techniques, (Best Available Techniques BAT) this significant investment brings company closer to obtaining an IPPC permit.


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