Using bacteria to get clean water

26. September 2012.

A large number of substances considered pollutants are natural ingredients of water, air and soil, but their further bringing into the environment makes their presence harmful.

Construction of a wastewater treatment plant in MI Carnex was only the first step to prevent pollution of surface water and further degradation of the river currents.

Constant monitoring of the waste water following certain parameters directly on-line or through accredited laboratory provides a very large amount of information of crucial significance and provides the basis for effective system control.
Water line work and the sludge line work in the plant is based on biological processes in certain phases.
Types of bacteria responsible for water treatment and sludge stabilization require constant attention and care given that they are extremely sensitive biological organisms.

Providing a sufficient amount of oxygen, enough of organic and nutrient matters, which are the ingredients of food industry wastewater, bacteria  live, synthesize new cells and reproduce; at the same time, they clean the wastewater,  which as such, can be discharged into natural recipients (photo shows discharge of water into the collecting pool, cleaned in biological reactors having quality for discharge into the river).

By twenty-four hour, management over this complex system for complete wastewater treatment Carnex bears an enormous responsibility to ensure continuous, efficient and controlled treatment of wastewater and sludge.

All companies that have decided to go through environmental improvement can reach the goal only by professional business.

Download the pdf document of water analyse from WWTP >>>

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