Responsible behaviour pays up – to both the Nature and us!

28. September 2012.

Adjusting relationship working environment-living environment is a responsible and complex task. Company Carnex gave another example of a successful adjustment of working and living environment by resolving recycling of used mineral oil and by its hosting business.

Due to regular maintenance of machinery and machines in business centres of Carnex it has been collected and temporarily stored for more than 6500 kg of waste mineral oil in the 2012. Temporary storage of such wastes must meet certain criteria in order to prevent contamination of soil and ground water.
Guided by the principles of preserving and improving the working and living environment Carnex has, in September, given to authorised Operator for further treatment all generated amount of used mineral oil. The entire amount was given in metal barrels and in that way was recycled more than 30 barrels contaminated with hazardous substances, which are also characterized as hazardous waste.
Recycling of waste or secondary materials to all waste generators must always be a priority option of a solution. Reusing material that remains circulating as useful raw materials extend the life of the community in which we live and which we must leave healthy and clean for generations to come.
Think twice before you start coating wooden fences with used mineral oil. The first rain will wash it away into the soil and groundwater. Addition of only one milligram of mineral oil to a litre of water makes the water unusable, i.e. one litre of mineral oil pollutes one million gallons of drinking water.
It is a short way of pollution form nature to a man.

We are learning every day; learn it with us and from us!

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