Recycling extends the life of the planet, give Your contribution too

30. January 2013.

Without a variety of electronic, electrical, and lighting devices, modern life is simply impossible to be imagined. When EE waste and waste lighting become unusable and turn into a hazardous waste which should be taken care of.

Company Carnex has years of experience in successfully organized collection and recycling of mentioned types of waste trough authorized operators. Carnex finished 2012 by recycling electronic and electric waste in the area of waste management, and started 2013 with recycling of lighting waste. It is worth to  mention the most important materials of this kind of waste, like printers, computer housings, cooling equipment, pocket and desk calculators, electric cables, plugs, motors and fans, air conditioners, mobile phones and light bulbs and fluorescent tubes waste, etc.

Neon lights and bulbs waste were collected in separate watertight boxes preventing their breakage or contamination of the living environment, since the waste glass and plastics hardly or do not decompose in the environment, and heavy metals in neon lights and bulbs penetrate and pollute the soil and by erosion can reach up to groundwater.

Proper management and recycling through licensed operators we give our contribution in preserving the working and living environment.

Recycling extends the life of the planet, give Your contribution to it.

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