Another environmental step that definitely changes the future

21. February 2013.

Protection of economically important plants from weeds, diseases, pests and other harmful organisms is achieved by proper use of the pesticide of both chemical and biological origin. Their widespread use in agriculture, results with generation of large amounts of pesticide containers that are mostly characterized as hazardous waste.

Inadequate management of packaging waste, which often contains residues of hazardous substances, may have adverse effects on the environment which is why there is an emphasis on prevention in order to solve this problem.

In accordance with the environmental policy of the company Carnex, all packaging of plant protection products after use is collected, sorted and temporarily stored, until the takeover and recycling.

Achieving successful cooperation with manufacturers and distributors of pesticides, as well as with certified operators for waste management, company Carnex recycled significant amount of pesticide package in an ecologically and economically acceptable way the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013.

Another environmentally safe step that surely changes the future.

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