Participation at international conference

10. May 2013.

Excerpt from Plant’s workbook for wastewater treatment of MI Carnex

After one year of the effective operation of the Plant  for complete treatment of wastewater, MI Carnex for the first time showed to the public concerned, operation of the WWTP, obligations of responsible operators, daily activities , and the efficiency of wastewater treatment trough the Work paper named "An excerpt from the workbook plants for waste water treatment Carnex IM."

The work was presented at the International Conference "Waste waters, municipal solid waste and
hazardous waste " which was held in April in Subotica, in order to exchange knowledge and experience from practice.

Considering that the company has received a delicate living organism that requires constant presence, monitoring and care with a plant, presentation at the conference focused just on the daily expected and unexpected challenges during the operation of the WWTP.

It is extremely important that operation of each plant for treatment of wastewater is regularly monitored, that the equipment, meters, sensors and appliances are regularly maintained and set, that there is constant monitoring of major parameters of water through accredited laboratories, and on-
line, because that was the only path for plants to operate efficiently, environmentally and economically for decades.

The efficiency of the WWTP IM Carnex is high and satisfying.

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