MI Carnex proves again that is socially responsible Company

13. May 2012.

It is crucially important that each industry branch generates hazardous waste and recognize it as a necessity of of socialy responsible business. Hazardous waste is any waste that is on the list of waste (European Waste Catalogue - EWC) and on the hazardous waste list (HWL) and has one of the four characteristics (according to the U.S. EPA), which are flammability, corrosivness, reactivity and toxicity.

IM Carnex has proven again that cares about the environment and human health.
At the beginning of 2012, it entrusted the tasks of collection, segregation, packaging, labelling, acquisitions and disposal of hazardous waste to the operator Miteco - Knezevac from Belgrade.
Hazardous waste that is generated in the BU Feed Mill was mostly consisted of laboratory chemicals (salts of heavy metals, various acids and bases, and mixtures of organic solvents) , as well as contaminated packaging. Special attention given during their temporary storage within the company facility, especially as it comes to laboratory chemicals that are initiators of different chemical reactions if they come into mutual contact. Sampling and identifying waste and determination of physical and chemical characteristics was done by an accredited laboratory, in order to prepare the Report on the examination of waste.
More than 2800 kg of hazardous waste was delivered to the final disposal to the Plant of the hazardous waste disposal in Basel in  Switzerland and Vienna in Austria. Delegated tasks were carried out in accordance with the applicable legislation, in accordance with the ADR requirements or foreign plants. Both taking and movement of hazardous waste were properly announced to the competent authorities in accordance with the Waste Management Act, and Document on hazardous waste movement was obtained as well as the certificate on disposal of the foreign plant.

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