Carnex built WWTP in Vrbas

11. April 2012.

Waste Water Treatment Plant in Vrbas, was two and a half million investment by Carnex, and was officially opened by the Minister of Environment, Minig and Spatial Planning of Republic of Serbia, Oliver Dulić.

In this way, citizens and Municipality Vrbas have received a plant that will significantly contribute to preservation of environment and reduce pollution of surface waters and canals Delta I-64 to an acceptable level according to the strictest European standards.

Carnex’s Effluent plat in the Municipality of Vrbas, is yet another in a series of Carnex’s projects by Carnex aims to improve quality of life within the system it operates, through corporate social responsibility. For project make, equipment, installation and construction work it has been invested two and a half million euro giving a significant contribution to the protection of water, such as canal and Delta-64, and therefore the Great Backa Canal. The Great Backa Canal was once the largest building project in the Balkan and Company Carnex is on good path to regain its significance.

Plant in Carnex is one of the larger plants in the region, because it has been designed to process 2300 m3 of wastewater per day, which corresponds to the pollution of 40,000 population equivalents. For comparison, that is what nearby area of cities Bor, Jagodina, Sremska Mitrovica or Pozarevac have.

MI Carnex believes that the citizens of the Vrbas are used to to recognize the company as a partner who is willing to include in its goals, interests and the needs of the community in which it operates. The Company Carnex points out that it will continue, with the same intensity in the future to invest in environment protection, given that health and life security of its employees, their families and the communities in which it operates are the most important factor in the successful development Carnex.

In order to preserve environment, Company Carnex continuosly conveys various ecological actions, and implements projects in order to promte ecologicaly clean and healthy way of living and businissing. In accordance to it, last year Carnex invested into separators, which separate liquid from solid phase of manure, at the Pig farm in Vrbas, contributing enrichment of arable soil. Investing in recicling, Carnex has gained right to label its products with the sign “Green Dot”, confirming its contribution as a socially responsible Company in this region.

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