Carnex – Best of Serbia

13. May 2012.

Organization Ecological Movement Vrbas praised investments of Company Carnex as socially responsible business.

We have been visiting in last several weeks our biggest company in the town-Meat processing Industry Carnex from Vrbas, owned by MK group with kindness of their leadership. 

Our interest, of course, was on their activities of living and working environment protection, and its focus was - a new Effluent Plant, worth the two and a half million euro.

And imagine – it WORKS! It was really interesting to observe cultivated bacteria in large pools breeding and feeding with an organic waste and how they make clean out of the dirty water. The importance of this plant is exceptional for the whole region and especially for the Great Backa Canal.

In past, Carnex was often a target of our public criticism, but right now, we would be hypocritical if we would not have noticed the extraordinary efforts and results of the owner and the management of the company. Good examples of business in the state crowded with poor role models are essential as air and water.

Entering the facility one can see hospitable attitude. Painted fences, trimmed lawns, planted flower alleys, trees sanitary ordered and new ones are being prepared...

However , the foundation of good results in this area, was installed by forming the Environmental Protection Dpt with professionals who have dealt  with the environmental aspects of the plant full time. Over the years, a number of solutions have been finished and that radically changed the relationship between management and workers toward working and living environment. The long list of activities clearly shows genuine commitment to social responsibility in business and harmonic relationship toward ambience in which they accomplish their business interest.

Large and measurable savings were made, separating useful and hazardous waste - paper and plastic packaging, electronic and electrical waste, tires, batteries and chargers, lighting waste, toners, waste oil... Further rationalization of water consumption, electricity, energy was made...

But ecologically clean production involves considerable environmental costs - the construction of water plant, new job systematization, purchase of tanks for liquid manure distribution, installation of filters for big greasy dirt ... and finally a system for waste water cleaning.

 Similar plants, with strong support of the state and the media hype, were opened in Serbia – and they "remained nailed on spot!" The costs of their exploitation were too high for company owners, who were used to the easy profits - and it seems, it was known in advance. "Fake effluent plants" solely for the purpose of political promotion!

We got the strong impression that in the chaotic Serbian business environment (especially in the slaughtering industry), environmental costs can bear only exceptionally successful companies with managers of increased awareness.
This Company still has to face with more big environmental challenges (dangerous plastic packaging, use of manure from pig farms ...) but we are sure that they will face them without hesitation.

We wish them the wise and fare decisions, success in business and the sympathy of the little people!

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