Carnex receives the greatest Water Act

18. July 2013.

The biggest environmental project implemented in company Carnex, project of both construction and commissioning of the Waste Water Treatment MI Carnex was completed by obtaining Decision on water permit.
After the trial work finished, the commission for technical acceptance of the WWTP gave positive grade to the Plant with high efficiency of cleaning wastewater generated in Meat Industry.
Provincial Secretariat for Agriculture, Water and Forestry issued at the beginning of the project water requirements, water approval based on reports of the Commission and then after one year of probation work issued the last Water Act, authorizing the discharge of treated water to the natural recipient.

Water permit confirms the efficiency of the plant work, which requires constant maintenance of all machinery, equipment, piping, and nurturing of cultivated bacteria, regular monitoring of water quantity and quality, in order to discharge clean water into the Canal and restore life in it.

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